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November 2021
Fall in Southern Colorado is fast approaching, which means the last of our driving events for the year are winding down. Earlier in October we had a well-attended OktoberFAST HPDE at La Junta with 49 people attending. And we just finished our traditional Octoberfest Social at the Edelweiss restaurant with nearly 70 people in attendance. We have our annual Holiday Party at the El Paso Club coming up December 17 and you can register on Make sure you sign up because it is filling up fast and there is only room for 80 people.

Although we are completing the driving season, there are still things happening in the background. For example, November is our month to conduct elections for the 2022 Board of Directors. You should receive or be able to access a ballot through a couple of different means including email, this E-Trails newsletter, and our website ( It is extremely important that as a member you cast your ballot. Electing members to the board is one way that you can influence the direction of the club and its’ leadership.

Speaking of elections, the board is working to modify our bylaws to increase continuity. It isn’t final, but we are considering modifying the terms of all board members and staggering the election cycle so that we don’t potentially have a complete turnover of all board members all at once. This will allow us to retain some corporate knowledge and history on the board, and maintain adequately experienced board members across election cycles.

We are also already hard at work getting ready for Treffen at the BroAdmoor in April, and laying out the calendar for the rest of our 2022 events.

Finally, I wanted to thank Robert Baumgartner and Arnie Easterly for their service as our region DE chair and tour chair, respectively. Both have stepped down from their positions and we are both getting ready to announce the new DE chair and actively seeking someone to serve as a new tour chair. Since Arnie was also the tour coordinator for Treffen, we will be needing that role filled as well. The majority of the planning is already laid out. The Treffen tour coordinator doesn’t have to be the same person as our region tour chair, so if someone wants a short-term, but equally fulfilling role just for Treffen, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

As always, I hope to see you at one of our events soon!!

Nate Adams
AMR Region President


by Rich Sanders – Zone 9 Rep
December 2020

A final message from Rich and an announcement for your next Zone Rep. Read More

EVENT WRAP-UP: October Membership Social

You can always count on at least one thing at AMR…if it’s October, it is time for our annual membership social at the Edelweiss German Restaurant. Over 50 members and guests came out for some traditional German beer and food. Many members brought cash and goods donations for the Marion House pantry food drive (also see Good Turns). There is still time to register for the Holiday Social on December 17. Read past events

ALPINE TREKS: Anatomy of a Mystery Tour

by Alex Ching
October 2021

The Alpine Mountain Region just completed the overnight “On the Road Again” Fall Mystery Tour on September 18-19, 2021. This event marked the 41st consecutive years the club has conducted a mystery tour; that’s only five years short of the number of years AMR has been in existence! It was a well-attended event with 39 cars and members coming from the Roadrunner and Rocky Mountain Regions; we also had a couple from the Audi Rocky Mountain Chapter join us for the weekend. For as long as I’ve been with AMR (a whopping five years), I’ve heard the mystery tour was the one to attend. Just what makes this a popular, enduring event; let’s take a look…

This was Kim and my first overnight mystery tour (we attended last year’s mystery tour but it was only a day tour due to COVID) and like everyone else, we had no clue as to the destination or which direction we are going when we signed up. Our tour leaders, Chris and Kathleen Lennon, sent an email telling us where and when we would meet for the drivers meetings and gave some packing tips but nothing that hinted at the destination.

On the morning of the 18th we topped off the Boxster and headed to Porsche Colorado Springs, our tour starting point. The PCS staff guided us into our space in one of the two groups. With 40 cars the tour was separated into two tour groups so it is more manageable for the driving team. We lined up with the first group. A big thanks to PCS for providing coffee and donuts for us as they had done all season long. Another bonus was a number of Singer Porsche on the showroom for the participants to gawk at. It’s always a special time after arriving at the dealership and before drivers meeting as members reconnect and catch up with each other or getting to know some of the new members. By the way, I’ve noticed more and more new faces the last couple of times I showed up at an event, which is a very positive trend. We checked in and received our goodie bag, dinner tickets, and initial instruction booklet; we would be making our first stop in Florence and then a lunch stop in Silver Cliff before getting part 2 of the directions…the destination guessing game is afoot. Chris began the drivers/safety meeting at 9:00 am with the first group departing at 9:30 am, and the second group would depart ten minutes later.

After leaving PCS with the first group, we proceeded south on Nevada where many of us got separated by traffic lights. A well-planned regroup point after crossing South Academy Blvd had us back together again and we continued on CO-115 towards Florence. We reached our first stop at the Exxon gas station after about an hour. The Exxon in Florence is a familiar stop for many of our southern tours as there is an adjacent unpaved lot that is large enough to hold about 50 cars. We had a 15-minute rest break before moving on and in about 10 minutes upon our arrival, the second group arrived to fill in the rest of the unpaved lot.

After our rest break we continued on CO-115 and turned south onto CO-67 soon after. Our next turn would be at Wetmore where the directions take us on CO-96 west to Westcliffe. This section of CO-96 is part of Frontier Pathways Scenic Byway that goes through the San Isabel National Forest in the Wet Mountains before descending into the Wet Mountain Valley and ending in the town of Westcliffe. The roads of San Isabel National Forest always make for a fun drive and we enjoyed seeing some of the prominent granite rock formation going through the canyons.

After coming out of the Wet Mountains everyone is treated to the grand vista of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. As the mountains appeared larger and larger, we would eventually reach our lunch destination at Tony’s Mountain Pizza in Silver Cliff. This ended our first leg of the mystery tour. Lunch was included with the registration fee and Tony’s dished out some delicious pastas, pizzas, and salad for us to enjoy. At this point it is still a guessing game at where we would end up at the end of the day. After lunch Chris and Kathleen handed out the instructions for the second leg of the journey; we would go around the Sangre de Cristo to Walsenburg for the next rest stop. It is likely that the final destination is somewhere in Southern Colorado either south or west of Walsenburg, but there are a lot of choices in either direction…

Once again we go back on CO-96 west toward Westcliffe and then turned south to CO-69 where we would traverse Promontory Divide in the southern part of Wet Mountain Valley. As we get to US-160 after driving southeast along the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo, we turned south to go through Walsenburg and then looped west towards Lathrop State Park on the outskirts of the city. The park would be our last rest stop to find out our destination. After the second group arrived we saw the visitor center’s courtyard as a good place for a group photo before making the announcement. The Lennons gave a hint that this would be a new destination that the mystery tour has not been to in the past. Many guesses were offered but no one was able to come up with the correct destination. A second hint was offered when Kathleen brought out a popcorn container…still no correct guesses. At last Chris announced that the destination is the Best Western Movie Manor in Monte Vista, which has a drive-in theater that you can either watch the movie in your car or in your room where there is a large window facing the screen with an indoor speaker. The movie chosen for us that night would be “Smoky and the Bandit”.

After Chris handed out the final directions and Kathleen handed out popcorn, peanuts, and other goodies for the movie; we exited the park onto US-160 west once again. This stretch of highway from Walsenburg to the turn off for the town of La Veta is actually part of the Highway of Legends Scenic Byway, which circles the Spanish Peaks and was an excellent tour AMR did back in 2019…but I digress. After passing the Highway of Legends we began to head up La Veta Pass (which does not pass through the town of La Veta by the way) and eventually drop down into the San Luis Valley region. Monte Vista is a small town a half hour west of Alamosa on the way to the San Juan Mountains. We arrived at Best Western Movie Manor just after mid-afternoon; it is aptly named the Movie Manor because of the attached drive-in theater next to the property. Once we checked into our hotel room, we prepared for the group dinner in Monte Vista at 5:00 pm.

Dinner at the Mountain View Restaurant was only a short drive back into Monte Vista. The owners had closed the restaurant for the evening to accommodate our group. As with all AMR socials, this is truly one of those special times where you get to sit down with follow members and get to know them better. In our case we set down with the same members we had lunch with at Tony’s Mountain Pizza and continued our conversations from earlier (by the way, the couple from the Audi club were part of our table). Most of us had pre-ordered the prime rib and it was done to perfection. As a bonus, September 18th was also the 60th birthday of Nate Adams, AMR President. The servers brought out two cakes and we all got to wish Nate a happy birthday.

After dinner we returned to the Movie Manor for the “Smoky and the Bandit” showing. Did I mentioned that all the rooms have a large window facing the drive-in movie screen along with a speaker that pipes in the sound? But we ended up missing the show as we continued the social at the hotel with our dinner mates and a couple more AMR members. We adjourned back to our room for the night afterwards.

We woke up to a nice clear morning and found a few cars already departed for more touring in the mountains (there weren’t much fall foliage enroute to Monte Vista due to the hot summer) or making their way back home. We went to the hotel breakfast room to eat with a few friends before heading home ourselves.

That’s the mystery tour in a nutshell; every tour is different but will have similar format. I would say that the destination doesn’t really matter as much as being able to spend time getting to know your fellow PCA members better, making new friends, and do what we all like best – driving our Porsche thru amazing mountain roads. Thank you Chris and Kathleen for another great tour. If you haven’t been on one, give the fall mystery tour a try next year and you won’t regret it.

View photos of the Fall Mystery Tour in the gallery here.

See Past Treks


The AMR 2021 Events Guide has been published. Due to fluctuating nature of AMR events, we are only providing a digital copy online. You can download and print your own copy by clicking on the image on the left (this PDF file is set up for two-sided printing if you have a duplexer on your printer). This Event Guide was updated on June 11 with new tour dates and social events info. (posted 11 Jun)

GOOD TURNS: November/December Charity

Thank you all for your generous donation to the Marian House in October! We collected over $700 and many food items for their local pantry. For the holidays we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for the Salvation Army’s “Angel Tree Program”. These toys will be distributed locally to less fortunate children at Christmas. Please plan to bring a toy(s) of up to $30 in value. Donations can be dropped off at the December 17 Holiday Social at the El Paso Club in downtown Colorado Springs. (updated 27 Oct)

P-ARTICLES: The “Junction” of Safe and Fast

By Robin Dillon
October 2021

It was a dark and stormy night….no, wait, sorry wrong story. The final HPDE of the 2021 season at La Junta Raceway actually began on Friday night. Participants gathered at the hottest spot in La Junta – The Hampton Inn – for beer, pizza, and early registration. After a slight SNAFU with the local Domino’s Pizza (who would have thought there were two very similar parties planned at the Hampton at the same time!), the pizzas arrived and were devoured. With about 60% of those registered checking in early, it made registration the next day a lot smoother.

Saturday dawned a bit overcast and cool with some rain that we’d gotten overnight, but the forecast predicted dry and warming temps and it did not disappoint. The drivers meeting got underway on time with Event Lead CDI (Chief Driving Instructor) Steve Carlson requesting the advanced group dry out the puddles on the track for everyone! Novice students paired up with their instructors, and the advanced drivers went out to dry the track. By noon, the temps were in the upper 70s, sunny Colorado-blue skies prevailed as a tarantula made its way safely across the paddock checking out the cars as he went under them! As the track heated up, so did the driving. A day of spirited fast and safe driving ensued for all. La Junta is the perfect track for all levels of driving. It looks very simple from the layout, but the more you drive La Junta the more you realize the level of finesse some of the corners require. It’s almost as if the more you challenge the course, the more it challenges you – the driver.

With the track cold for the day, Beer:30 commenced and with beverages in hand, CDI Jeremy Vreeman led willing participants on a track walk. A track walk is exactly that – a walk around the track with various stops along to way to discuss or even look at things you can’t see while driving 100 mph. Given the historical nature of La Junta Raceway, the participants learned a bit more about LJR than they probably anticipated. Meanwhile back at the classroom trailer we all eagerly awaited the banquet from Mexico City. Once dinner arrived, drivers and guests gathered outside on picnic tables as well as inside and enjoyed a long-time AMR favorite restaurant. Dinner entertainment was provided by the one and only, Allan Lasater on his electric guitar. Allan is not just a great driver, and the track manager in La Junta – he’s an amazing singer and guitar player! Taking requests, providing a “name that tune” segment, it was a hit with everyone present.

Sunday, while nice and cool in the morning, heated up and found all ditching sweatshirts for sunscreen. It was another beautiful day of driving. With slightly fewer people driving on Sunday, the day ran a bit shorter. After the final run group and the track was once again cold, the coveted John Deere Award was given out by Steve Carlson to Gary Muller from Durango, CO for his amazing spin out 300’ from the track entrance. While there were fewer people hanging around on Sunday afternoon, as many get on the road back home and back to reality, there was one thing that was certain: it was a great weekend and a good time was had by all!

Special thanks to sponsors that helped make this weekend so perfect: Big Mission Motorsports, Creative Consortium, State Farm Kelly Muse Agency, and 314 ½ LLC!

If this sounds like fun, you’re right it was! Never been to an HPDE? You should try it. Stay tuned for information about events during the “off season,” how to get involved if you DON’T want to drive (yes, we need volunteers), and HPDE-101, a non-driving event (Feb/March 2022) to kick off the track season. (posted 27 Oct)
Read Past Articles

Photos courtesy of Chris Lennon
Editors Note: Be on the lookout for the Gary Muller & Steve Carlson photo on a future issue of Panorama.

…LOW DRAG: AMR “OktoberFAST” HPDE Wrap-up

AMR’s HPDE season ended on a high note at La Junta Raceway as 49 members came out for the last DE of the year, a much larger number than anticipated. It was one of AMR’s most successful events of the year. Kudos to Event Chair, Robin Dillon, and all the instructors and track volunteers who made the event possible. (posted 27 Oct)

106 WEST:

This webpage is dedicated to providing information and activities for AMR’s western region (west of 106 degrees longitude). Next up is the Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors. Read More

eurocars is part of the Porsche Colorado Springs family


A BIG WELCOME to our new/transferred members

Jason & Sarafina Bailey of Colorado Springs, 2021 911 Carrera S
Michael Jake of Colorado Springs, 2016 Macan Turbo
Jared Mitchell of Colorado Springs, 2012 911 Carrera S
Nicole Rannelis of Colorado Springs, 1974 911 Carrera
Aaron & April Salladay of Colorado Springs, 2016 911 Turbo Cabriolet
Guy & Tania Hopkins of Highlands Ranch, 2021 Macan GTS
Jeremy Green of Monument, 2020 Macan S
Michael Whittington of Peyton, 2009 911 Carrera 4S

We look forward to seeing you at our social, tour and/or track events. (updated 01 Oct)

Need an AMR nametag?
If you need a new nametag for any reason, please submit your request to our Membership Chair, Danyella Prilika, via the AMR online contact form at Once you opened the form, 1) fill in your name and email address, 2) at ‘To (select one or multiple):’ scroll down and select “Membership Chair”, 3) on ‘Subject:’ line enter “Name tag”, and 4) under ‘Comment or Message’ enter name(s) for the tags and mailing address of where you want to receive it once completed.
The Membership Chair will then email you with next steps such as where to mail the Check for $10 per tag/badge. Please make the check payable to AMR Porsche Club.

PCA TREFFEN at the BROADMOOR is coming to Colorado Springs in Spring 2022. See TCS2022 for more info. (posted 22 Jun)

AMR currently need volunteers for the following positions:
– Advertising Chair
– Technical Chair
– Web Content Writer
– HPDE Starter
– HPDE Support
Please see the Volunteers webpage for more information. (updated 31 Jul)


August 2021 Board Minutes – The August Board of Directors meeting minutes have been posted. Read More

PCA 2021 Region Procedures Manual – is now available on the Documents and Forms webpage under the References tab.

P-cars and Pancakes breakfast is on hold until we can find a venue to fit everyone or when restriction eases. (updated 31 Aug).


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