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Special Events

If you have photos that you wish to share with us, please send them to the AMR Webmaster at [email protected].*  For large number of files and/or large size files, please contact us at the same e-mail address and we can arrange for upload to our Google drive.  You can also share your photos on the AMR Facebook page.

Gallery hints:  Once you click on the thumbnail or “View Photo” button to open a photo, there are navigation button below the photo to view other photos in that gallery without having to go back to the previous page.  When done viewing , the “Back To Gallery Page” button will bring you back to the previous gallery page prior to viewing the photo(s).

Photos in the gallery are courtesy of multiple AMR members, where possible we will give full credit to the contributing members.

* Note: We are not taking user uploads on this website due to privacy concerns.  All material submitted will be previewed for content and processed (resizing, blocking out license plates, etc.) prior to being presented on the website.

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