HPDE 101 – How To Prepare for An HPDE with Confidence

Getting ready for your first HPDE? (High Performance Driver’s Education Event) Here are some handy tips to ensure you are prepared!

-Choose your event and register. Events are found on Motorsports Reg (MSR) www.motorsportsreg.com
-Set up your profile on the MSR including adding a CAR NUMBER. Each driver should have their own profile.
-Schedule a tech inspection. A dealership or other qualified mechanic will check to make sure the car is ready. This must be done NO SOONER THAN 4 weeks before the start of the event. If HPDEs are close together, a new Tech Inspection is required for each event.
-Print the schedule off the website. There are links in each registration of IMPORTANT INFO about the venue, lodging, start and end time and who to contact if you have questions.
-Organize your gear (see list under GEAR)
-Watch videos of cars on the track for the event (not essential but helpful)

-Get your gear together and even packed in the car, if you want. Since you will have to remove every thing not bolted down inside the car, you may want to leave mats and other things at home (one less task at the track!)
-Make sure you have directions to the track and start time. Gates generally open @ 6-630 AM
-Get some rest – this is not the night for an “all night pub crawl” and set your alarm

-Pack your car with everything you’ll need (if you haven’t already) a packing list can be helpful
-Give yourself plenty of time to get to the track (plus stops if you need to get gas, or snacks)
-Top off your tank or fill up as close to the track as possible – the IMPORTANT INFO usually contains the closest gas station, most of the tracks do not offer fuel.
-Arrive at the track, find a spot to park in the “paddock” fancy track name for parking lot. This will be “home base” for the day.
-Bring your completed tech sheet, and helmet to REGISTRATION and get checked in and receive your wristbands and run group assignments (and instructor assignment)
-Get ready for TOP TECH. This means removing EVERYTHING not bolted down from your car: mats, garage door openers, stuff in center console, glove box, trunk – and when you are done – put your hood/frunk or back hatch/engine cover open and someone will come by and inspect your car and put a sticker on the windshield to show you’ve been tech’ed at the event and are ready to go on track.
-Torque your wheels and check tire pressures.
-Listen for announcements on the PA system and be ready to attend the MANDATORY DRIVERS MEETING (generally 8 am).

Arrive at track
Prepare Car for Top Tech*
Driver’s Meeting/Instructor Meet and Greet*
Track goes “hot”
Advanced Sessions/Novice Ground School
Sessions run in order (see schedule and also times can vary, so listen for announcements) -2 X 20/25 min. morning sessions, break for lunch, 2 X 20/25 minute afternoon sessions
Track goes “cold” -Beer 30 (A celebration of the day’s events)

*While this is common for AMR HPDE’s many other organizations will do things slightly different – this is meant only to illustrate a typical AMR HPDE.

This list represents a minimum level of gear – what and how much you bring is up to you and what can fit in your car. Remember, all of it will have to be removed before going on track – so pack accordingly.

HELPFUL TIP: Plastic bins with snap on lids (Home Depot or Walmart) work great for corralling gear. Since everything must come out of the car, this can work for storage for those items as well. It also keeps things dry, and out of the wind. Consider making a “track” box with all your gear stored and ready to go. Some bring a tarp to lay their stuff out, and cover in case of inclement weather. You can also choose to leave things at home such as floor mats, etc. It is a personal choice.

-Helmet: SNELL 2015 or 2020 (we have loaners – please prearrange with Event Chair)
-Long pants, long or short sleeve shirt, flat sole shoes with closed toe
-Numbers for both sides of your car – can be decals, removable vinyl, or painter’s tape

-Tire pressure gauge
-torque wrench
-paper towels
-window cleaner
-Hat (sun protection)
-Driving gloves
-folding chair
-Cooler with drinks, snacks
-sunscreen, lip balm
-cash for lunch

-specific tools for your car, comfort level
-quart of oil
-sun shade tent (pop up, 10X10 easy up etc. events can be windy – you’ve been warned)

AMR provides WATER! This is a sport, and you will become dehydrated if you do not consume enough. Being dehydrated slows down reaction time, gives you a headache and can be a bummer for the day.
Most locations have a concession stand or a food truck for coffee/breakfast/lunch/snacks. You are still
welcome to bring your own drinks/food/snacks – encouraged if you have dietary restrictions (this is track food – burgers, fries, etc.)