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“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

SCAM ALERT! I had a set of wheels on sale on this webpage and received an email from an interested buyer. I received from Fedex a check that was way over the asking amount, accompanied by an unrelated letter that immediately raised a red flag for me. The Fedex tracking number matches the one the buyer sent me so there’s no mistake where it came from (the package originated from Philadelphia BTW). Further research thru the Better Business Bureau showed that this scam involves the seller depositing the check (which is bogus) and then the buyer asking you to refund the difference. Do not fall for this trick! — AMR Webmaster

Porsche Towable Custom Trailer 40″ X 36″ – built to perfectly secure and safely transport a full set of wheels w/Hoosiers – Large enough for 345/30 19 rears
and 295/30 18 fronts (not included), toolbox (less tools) and 5 gallon gas container  $450 .
Harness bar for 3.2 Carrera $75.
Nitrogen gas tank with filling attachments $75. – SOLD
Local pick up only. For more info or schedule inspection –
Pls call Bruce Larsen 719-332-6968
West side – Colo Spgs

OEM Lobster Claws
19″ 8 et 57 & 11 et 51 TPMS
Fitment for 911,996,997 wide body
Asking $1,250
Patrick O’Brien