High Performance Driver’s Education

High Performance Driver’s Education (HPDE)

How about an opportunity to drive on an actual race track in your own car!  Safety is the priority, and instruction is the focus.  Learn from someone who knows their way around the track, and in most cases, understands the dynamics of your specific car.  Passing is done only when the car being passed permits it, so chances of car to car contact are minimal.  Also, cars and drivers are split into “run groups”, ensuring that cars/drivers in each group are circulating at similar speeds.  The weekend generally concludes with timed runs (for those so inclined), where you will get two laps in which to try to set the quickest time you and your car are capable of.  You can access the updated list of HPDEs under 2021 Track Events.

Typical cost: Normally less than $300 for a full weekend of fun.

Special equipment needed: You’ll need a helmet with an SA (Special Application) or M (Motorcycle) Snell rating of 2010 or 2015.  You must wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt (preferably white) and long pants.  Otherwise, your car must be in good operating condition (it must be inspected – for free – at a designated location prior to the event).  FRESH brake fluid with a high boiling point is a good idea.  Cabriolets without rollover protection (eg. Boxster hoops, later 911 pop-up protection, or roll bars) cannot participate for safety reasons.  Coupes and Targas are fine with no roll-over protection.

When you arrive: You’ll have to empty your car of all loose items, for safety.  Let the organizers know that you’re new, and you’ll be introduced to an instructor.  Also, be sure to read the information in your registration packet (which you’ll get when you check in) in detail.  Keep your sunroof or cabriolet top in place, and lower your windows.

Want to become an Instructor:  Click here!

More information: Be sure to also check out our “Rookie Page”, information on Pueblo Motorsports Park, Pikes Peak International Raceway and La Junta Raceway.

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