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– Alpine Treks: 2021 Tour Schedule (updated 13 Jun)
– Board Biz: April Board Meeting Minutes (posted 12 Jun)
– Membership Corner: New Members (posted 01 Jun)
– …Low Drag: AMR “Spring Brake” HPDE Recap (posted 30 Apr)
– P-Articles: SCAM ALERT – Sellers Beware! (posted 18 Mar)

Announcements (Latest Update – 11 Jun)

SAVE THE DATES: The Festival of Cars & Colors has been scheduled for September 23-26, 2021. It is a world-class celebration for automobile, motorcycle and aviation aficionados. Hosting lifestyle enthusiasts from around the world, this event is set in the beautiful town of Telluride, Colorado. This is not a PCA event and AMR has canceled the plans for a multi-day trip to the event due to lack of lodging. Visit to find out more about this event. (updated 11 Jun)

June 13, 2021 – AMR Red Rocks Tour: Come join us for a trip up to Red Rocks thru the west side of the Rampart Range to Deckers, then to Conifer and Evergreen before ending our tour winding along Bear Creek Road and reaching the park. The tour will end with lunch at The Red Rocks Grill in Morrison, CO. with individual checks. Lunch will be limited to 50 people so please make sure you let us know if you choose not to join us for lunch. Registration ends on June 10. Sign up now on MotorsportsReg. (posted 30 May)

NEXT MEMBERSHIP SOCIAL: The June membership social is on June 22 at Big Mission Automotive in Palmer Lake. More detail to follow. (updated 02 Jun)

NEXT BOARD MEETING: The June Board meeting will be held Tuesday, June 29 at Texas T-bone and via Google Meet. (updated 02 Jun).

SNELL HELMET UPDATES: Due to a shortage of SA2020 and M2020 helmets, PCA has allowed the continuing use of 2010 Snell rated helmets through the end of 2021. (posted 05 Apr)

2021 EVENTS GUIDE: The AMR 2021 Events Guide in printable PDF format is now available for download under the eTrails webpage. (posted 25 Feb)

PCA COVID-19 UPDATE: There is a new PCA Communicable Disease Release form that all event attendees (members, guests, sponsors, spectators, etc.) must sign to enter the facility/event or participate in the activity. Click here to review the release form. Attendees may print and sign the Release form at home and give it to the Chair/Registrar on-site. Note: The form must be printed in color, i.e., we must see the RED letters at the top of the form in order to accept it (You may complete “Fill in Track/Facility Name Above” as “All PCA events” for a one-time signature for events held May 15, 2020 through May 15, 2021.) The color Release forms will be available at all AMR events. (updated 01 Jun)

AMR is sponsored by Porsche Colorado Springs

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