eTrails is AMR’s online bulletin for news, editorials, and regional & charity information.
– Membership Corner: New Members (posted 31 Dec)
– Good Turns: AMR Charity Toy & Food Drive (posted 30 Dec)
– In The Zone: A heartfelt THANK YOU by Rich Sanders (posted 01 Dec)
– …Low Drag: La Junta HPDE (posted 05 Oct)
– Alpine Treks: Fall Mystery Tour Recap (posted 29 Sep)

Announcements (Latest Update – 22 January)

NEXT BOARD MEETING: The January Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 26 at the Drummer’s residence and via Google Meet. (updated 22 Jan)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Phase I Registration for Porsche Parade and French Lick Resort opens February 10 at 12:00 Noon EST. (posted 20 Jan)

HPDE SCHEDULE for AMR, RMR, & Intermountain Region have been added to the AMR event calendar. They are for planning purpose only and is subject to change or cancellation. (posted 18 Jan)

PCA WERKS REUNION at Amelia Island has been postponed to May 21, 2021. (posted 08 Jan)

NEW eTRAILS EDITION: Due to the growing size of eTrails and the perishable nature of certain contents, we have switched to a PDF format to simplify publishing, printing, and archival.  Meet your elected 2021 Board of Directors, read a message from the new AMR President, see new members that joined us in December and changes to the Treffen at the Broadmoor planning committee, etc. in this expanded edition of eTrails. Please click on image below to open your New Year PDF edition of AMR’s news bulletin: (posted 01 Jan)


AMR MEMBER SURVEY: We have recently discovered an issue with the eBlast system. This survey is for AMR active primary and affiliate members who have not opted out from receiving region emails and have not received the following emails in 2020 or recently: 1) any monthly eTrails, 2) any AMR event announcements, 3) both eTrails and announcements. These correspondences would originate from “”. Click here to fill out the survey; this will also allow us to add you to our mailing list until the issue is resolved. (updated 29 Oct)

PCA National Updates: Since February 2010, Porsche Club of America’s YouTube channel has carried the name “PCAHQ.” In an effort to reach a larger audience, PCA has changed the channel name to “Porsche Club of America,” which should be easier to search for than PCAHQ. The new URL is A link is also available from the AMR Homepage below. (posted 13 Oct)

PCA COVID-19 UPDATE: There is a new PCA Communicable Disease Release form that all event attendees (members, guests, sponsors, spectators, etc.) must sign to enter the facility/event or participate in the activity. Click here to review the release form. Attendees may print and sign the Release form at home and give it to the Chair/Registrar on-site. Note: The form must be printed in color, i.e., we must see the RED letters at the top of the form in order to accept it (You may complete “Fill in Track/Facility Name Above” as “All PCA events” for a one-time signature for events held May 15, 2020 through May 15, 2021.) The color Release forms will be available at all AMR events. (updated 01 Jun)

AMR is sponsored by Porsche Colorado Springs

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