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Joel Godfredson – President

I have been a member of the PCA since 2003. I have held many positions within PCA in the past including Driving Instructor, Safety Chair, Registration, Vice President and President. I currently own a 1989 944 S2 a 1991 964 C2 that has been converted to a 1974 RSR a 2007 997 Turbo and a 2014 Cayenne Diesel. I enjoy downhill skiing, running, hiking, biking, spending time at my cabin in northern Minnesota and everything Porsche!

Dana Kasten – First Vice President

I have been a member of AMR since 2005 when I got my first Porsche (a beautiful 1984 Porsche 930 given to me on my Birthday from my motor head husband). I instantly fell in love with the Car, the Brand and the amazing people in the AMR club. There have been many more Porsche’s over the years and we continue to enjoy everyone (currently a Boxster Spyder and a Cayenne Turbo S).
I have been on the board for over 9 years starting as Member at large, Treasurer and now First Vice President. My husband and I have enjoyed meeting all the AMR members while chairing HPDEs, Tours and Socials. I especially enjoy the Snowmass Heritage Fire Tour every year where we have made some lasting friendships while enjoying roads such as the always fun Independence Pass.

Tim Drummer – Second Vice President 
Fellow AMR members, I am happy to be back on the Board as your 2nd Vice President. I have been a member of AMR since 2007. My first Porsche was a 2006 Cayman S, and I have been hooked on all things Porsche since then. I have served our club in a number of roles, including Member at Large, Secretary, Vice President, and President. I have volunteered at many of events including HPDEs, Tours, Parade (when AMR and RMR hosted it in Keystone), and have been the Autocross Chair for at least a decade. I love the cars, but more importantly, I love the people. I have made some of my best friends through this club. I currently have a 2016 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet. Outside of the club, you can find me spending time with family, going to my mountain cabin, hiking, and biking.

Lou Morales – Secretary:
Hello, AMR! My passion for Porsche began when I saw the movie “Le Mans” with Steve McQueen at the theater. I was about nine. Nothing ever swayed my purpose of one day owning a Porsche. As a young USAF lieutenant, every time a new model would come out, I would visit the Porsche dealership in Sunnyvale, California, and test drive it. I found out that I could usually afford and “entry level” car, but NOT the insurance (I was under 25-years-old at the time)! I had to live vicariously by driving my best friend’s 1980 911 SC Targa. In 1984, he and I bought a trashed 1972 911 T to make it into an autocrosser. We joined the Golden Gate Region (GGR) of PCA and set to work on the car. I was able to help him rebuild the transmission before I was deployed to Europe.
Several assignments later, in 1995 I ended back in California (Vandenberg AFB) and began an earnest search for MY Porsche. I’d take several days of leave and look at 4-5 cars looking for “the one” that was just for me. It took me a year and looking at 28 cars total to find my meteor gray metallic 1982 911 SC, 27 years after the passion was instilled in me.
Shortly after, I got assigned to Peterson AFB, here in Colorado Springs and rejoined PCA via AMR in 1999. I’ve always enjoyed the social aspects of the Club and have always wanted to participate more. This year the opportunity to give back to the Club presented itself and I decided to offer my services as Secretary for the Board and was graciously accepted. I hope to be of service to AMR through handling the responsibilities of that role, help the Region navigate through the effects of the economic- & pandemic-induced challenges.
I strongly encourage everyone to volunteer and help us move forward. The more folks that help, the easier and more rewarding it is for everyone. I truly take to heart the motto, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.”

Pam Drummer – Treasurer:

I have been a member of Alpine Mountain Region since getting engaged and now married to my husband, Tim. What I have enjoyed the most is meeting the great people in our region and PCA. I am looking forward to continuing to help the club as Treasurer and working with all of the Members across all aspects that the club provides.

Robin Dillon – Member At Large:

Robin began this journey with the purchase of her first Porsche in 2019 and has spent every minute since making up for lost time. Often found at driving events, she excels in connecting with people, chairing successful HPDEs, and spreading the passion she has found though the Club. A belief that all members, regardless of level of participation, should have a voice is what drives her to participate at the board member level. You’ll find her in the “off season” planning and scheduling, attending meetings, and providing counseling and therapy for other drivers having withdrawal.

Bob Foltz – Member At Large: 
I have always loved sports cars from my very first one, a “rough” 1956 Austin Healey 100-4 that I traded my ’59 Chevy for while in high school. Over the years I have owned many different sports cars, and they have all had their positive and negative traits – the latter was especially true for the electric British cars! I never dreamed of owning a Porsche, just assuming that they were well outside my budget. We were actually looking for a used Honda S-2000 back in 2012 when my wife Linda spotted an older Boxster on the lot and suggested that we test drive it just for kicks. Wow—nothing I had driven up until then could compare with this Porsche, and the kicker was that it was surprisingly affordable. I was hooked! We bought a 2002 Boxster S a few weeks later.
An acquaintance heard we had bought a Porsche, so he gave me a copy of the Alpine Mountain Region newsletter. It described a recent overnight tour that really sounded like a lot of fun. The next AMR event was the annual Christmas party, so with some trepidation we decided to attend. We were warmly welcomed by everyone, and immediately felt comfortable among our new friends. We have been active members of AMR since then and are now on our third Porsche, a 2013 Boxster S.
Over the years I have done tech inspections, served as control for numerous HPDE events, led one overnight and several day tours, and volunteered at numerous AMR events. I am currently the Safety Chair and in 2021 join the Board as Member-at-Large. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years.

Nate Adams – Past President


Safety – Bob Foltz

Webmaster – Andrea Borghi

Membership Chair – Danyella Prilika

HPDE Chair – Robin Dillon

Social and Social Media Chair – Denise Jordan

Charity Leader – Barb Treacy

Driving Tour Chair – Raimond Melkers

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