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Steve Smith – President

I was an NCO (E-4) in the United States Marine Corps where I developed strong leadership skills. I have a reputation as a consensus builder and strong team leader. In 27 years of financial services sales, I developed a keen ability to listen to the objectives, needs and wants of others and to find solutions to meet sometimes varying needs of a large organization, board or committee. I care deeply about the future of the Club (all facets). I love Porsches and I have a desire for the Club to grow in body and spirit. I will work to ensure we are financially sound. I want to grow our Club, be an AMR advocate, and encourage others to act as advocates for AMR. I want the interests of all Club members to be represented, and for all members to feel they have a home in the Club. Autocross, Tours, Socials and HPDEs are all important to the health of the Club and enjoyment of our members’ varied interests. I would like to enhance the relationship and partnership with RMR and to ensure that we are aligned with the goals and objectives of PCA National.

Geof Suits – First Vice President

My personality has always been my best asset. I have the ability to effectively communicate with anyone. In my profession, understanding and delivering to the wants, needs, and desires of my clientele is paramount. My wife and I have owned our business for nearly 30 years. In that time, I have learned what it takes to make an organization function, both on an individual level and as part of a team. As the AMR Newsletter Editor for 2000-2003, I have the experience to get things done on AMR’s Board. I will strive to make the Club be the best it can be. I will also encourage member involvement in the workings of the Club and continue to pursue building the Club. It’s time for a shake up! New faces, new ideas, possibly new directions. Time to take AMR to new heights!

Robin Dillon – Second Vice President 
I am enthusiastic to see the Club progress and prosper. Implementing new ideas, bringing in fresh faces and different perspectives propel organizations to new levels and lay the groundwork for future growth. I feel it’s time to refocus on the vision of our founders: a group, united by a single marque, driven by joy and community of ownership and dedicated to expressing our individual passions in whatever form that may be: tours, socials, charity or track events. I joined PCA and AMR in 2019 and found a love for high performance driving. During my time as Member-At-Large I was key in ensuring the continuation of the HPDE program in 2022. To gain insight and perspective, I regularly participate in other events both PCA and non-PCA to make sure we offer the best of the best to our members in every aspect. It’s the cars that bring us together, but it’s the people you meet that make it special.

John Dyste – Secretary:
My five years working in sales as a Porsche Brand Ambassador at Porsche Colorado Springs has been the most rewarding time in my career. I knew Porsche made the best cars, but only by working with our clients did I realize it’s the people that make the brand. I’m excited to meet and work with more fellow AMR enthusiasts to help the Club stay strong and continue to grow. Thanks for the opportunity!

Pam Drummer – Treasurer:

I have been a member of Alpine Mountain Region since getting engaged and now married to my husband, Tim. What I have enjoyed the most is meeting the great people in our region and PCA. I am looking forward to continuing to help the club as Treasurer and working with all of the Members across all aspects that the club provides.

Jackie Mogensen – Member At Large:

I am a friendly person who enjoys getting to know people who have common interests. I am a leader as well as someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, this is a club about fun, first and foremost! I have chaired multiple HPDE’s as well as attended many Board meetings. I would like to see more cross events so the Club’s members can get to know more people. I would also like to create some new events we have never done before! I already have several in mind that would be fun! I also work very well with Porsche Colorado Springs and plan on working with them closely to get more members and attendance at events.

Gary Klein – Member At Large: 
As a retired Family Physician with over 40 years in the field, I was on many boards at the local, state and national level. I was the Medical Doctor for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and PPIR where I dealt with Indy Car, NASCAR, and IMSA. I raced in PCA Club Racing and RMVR vintage racing. With this background I feel I can contribute to the safety aspect of the club and the responsibilities as a Board member. I have been a member of AMR PCA for 30 years and a Driving Instructor for 27 years which included instructing in BMW Clubs, Nissan National Race Programs and Private Driving Days. Member-at-Large duties, according to the recently approved Bylaws, is to “Represent the club members in general.” I feel this position should bring issues affecting the entire membership to the Board in a non-biased manner. Overall, Porsche Club should be FUN. This should include meetings, rallies, HPDE, autocross, tours and just simple group rides. Now that I’m retired, I wish to give back to the Club and help in any way to make a better experience for everyone.

Joel Godfredson – Past President



Safety – Gary Klein

Newsletter Editor – Wally Weart

Membership Chair – Danyella Prilika

HPDE Chair – Robin Dillon

Social Co Chairs – Karen Garbee & Kathleen Lennon

Charity Leader – Barb Treacy

Driving Tour Chair – Alex Stoen

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