Treffen at the Broadmoor

Great News! PCA and AMR are pleased to announce that Treffen at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is scheduled for Spring 2022 from 27 April to 1 May. The documents below are references and guidelines for the AMR Treffen planning staff and volunteers to understand and prepare for the event. The Treffen Preparation Plan will be periodically updated as new information and changes becomes available; each incremental change will have a new version number in the file name. We will resume planning and provide more information at a future date. Please contact Nate Adams if you have questions or comments.

To our previous volunteers, we will contact you when we begin our planning phase. Thank you.

Treffen Schedule Overview (Tentative)
27 Apr 2022 – Event and Hotel Check-in
28 Apr 2022 – Driving Tour Day 1
29 Apr 2022 – Navigators Day Off
30 Apr 2022 – Driving Tour Day 2
01 May 2022 – Checkout

Reference Documents
Treffen Prep Plan_version 7 (updated 5/29/21)
Treffen Tour Leader Safety Briefing_version 2 (updated 11/05/21)
Treffen Tour Planning Guide_version 3 (posted 11/05/21)
Treffen Region’s Tasks Document 02NOV2021 (updated 11/05/21)
World Arena Staging Map (posted 1/19/20)

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