106 West

106 West is dedicated to providing information and activities for the AMR region west of 106 degrees longitude. Why 106? It’s the closest center dividing line for the region and traveling either direction will likely require an overnight stay if you attend an event. Events listed here are also posted on the AMR Website Calendar. All PCA members are welcome to provide input for this webpage.

Upcoming Events:
Heritage Fire/Snowmass Tour — Dates TBD (possibly 30 Jul-01 Aug)
Heritage Fire is an annual live fire festival celebrating global cooking techniques. The outdoor feast offers an endless array of sustainably sourced food from the region’s top family farms, local purveyors and chefs. From whole pig, lamb and goats to responsibly raised fish, duck, chicken and locally grown heirloom vegetables, there is something for everyone. Beyond the food, the all-inclusive event includes free flowing wines, cocktails and craft beer. Dates have not been announced for 2021 yet but AMR has made this an annual destination for the past six years (except for the cancellation in 2020). The tour will leave from Colorado Springs but our western slope members can register and meet us enroute to Snowmass or join us there for the event. Watch for announcements on the AMR homepage. (updated 15 Mar)

Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors — September 23-36, 2021
The Telluride Festival of Cars & Colors is a world-class celebration for automobile, motorcycle and aircraft aficionados and lifestyle enthusiasts set in the beautiful town of Telluride, Colorado. Nestled in the canyons of the San Juan Mountains, it’s placed against the backdrop of Telluride’s spectacular palette of September’s autumnal colors. Focusing on high-end restorations, vintage and exotic vehicles, the festival will occupy three distinct venues over the course of the four days: the downtown Telluride Historic District, Mountain Village and the Telluride Regional Airport. This is a non-PCA event but AMR is planning a multi-day trip to Telluride to attend the festival. Stay tuned for more info. (posted 12 Mar)

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