Want a laid back opportunity to drive some of the great roads we have in the area?  Tours allow you to enjoy the scenery, the fun twisty sections, and the camaraderie of your fellow PCA members.  The sight of line of Porsche’s navigating local byways is always a great one.  You will be provided with detailed driving directions, so if the group becomes a little spread out, you’ll have no trouble finding your way.  Frequent rest stops are typically included, as well as interesting scenic overlooks, meal/snack stops, etc.  Many tours include the opportunity to stay overnight in an interesting location.

Here’s an overview of AMR tours for 2020:
May 9: Ring the Peak Tour
May 17: Parker Vehicle Vault Tour
June 6: Castles, Trains, and Porsches Tour
June 19-21: Heritage Fire/Snowmass
July 12: Cripple Creek Poker Run
July 25: Breckenridge Tour
August 15-16: Highway of Legends Tour
August 23: Cottonwood Pass to Taylor Reservoir Tour
September 12: Off-Road Tour
September 26-27: Fall Mystery Tour

Typical cost: Varies, depending on length and what’s included in the tour. There is normally a $10 registration fee for each vehicle.

Special equipment needed: None.  A camera is always a good idea.  Sunscreen and a hat (especially if you’re driving a cabriolet) don’t hurt, either.

When you arrive: Check in and get your route instructions.  Get to know your fellow participants, and pay attention to the drivers’ meeting, where an overview of the tour will be given.

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