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Announcements & News (Latest Update – 18 Jan)

18-techinsp02FEBRUARY 16, 2019 – AMR Tech Inspection Training at Porsche Colorado Springs is now open for registration on HPDE events require a tech inspection of your car before it is allowed on the track. Tech inspections may be completed by any professional repair shop, or any club member who has attended the AMR Tech Inspection Training Class. See Event/Calendar for more details. (posted 11 Jan)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: The PPIR “19” Spring “Shake Down” HPDE is set for April 13-14. Registration is scheduled to start on February 1 on (posted 18 Jan)

SAVE THE DATE: The 5th Annual Snowmass Tour and Heritage Fire Event is scheduled for June 14-15. See the Event/Calendar for information. (posted 18 Jan)

NEXT MEMBERSHIP SOCIAL: The February membership social is TBD. (updated 18 Jan)

A BIG WELCOME to our new/transferred members William Wailauer & Elizabeth Long and Sean White of Colorado Springs; Joe Halbeisen of Durango; Timothy & Sheri Miller of Monument; Mike Carter of Vineland; and Matt Johnson of London, England.  We look forward to meeting you at a member social or one of our many events. (updated 04 Jan)

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – the November minutes have been posted. Click here to review. (updated 20 Dec)

NEXT BOARD MEETING: The next meeting will be held at Texas T-Bone on 29 January starting at 6:00 PM. AMR members are always welcome to join us. (updated 20 Dec)

AMR ANNUAL AWARDS – Congratulations to our annual award winners:
Dedicated Service – Dwight and Dana Kasten
Green Flag – Matt Ardaiz
Enthusiast of the Year – Nate Adams
Pink Flag – Jackie Mogenson


Nate and Lore Adams were also recognized for organizing and leading our annual Fall Tour. (posted 12 Dec)

TECH INSPECTION CHECKLIST: There is a new version of the PCA Tech Inspection Checklist available on this website. You can click here or go to the Information tab and select Documents and Forms. If you haven’t done your tech inspection for this weekend’s DE, please use this checklist. (posted 16 Oct)

GOODIE STORE NEWS: AMR in coordination with PCA National has launched its new online webstore at  You can now purchase apparel with the embroidered AMR logo in the front with “PORSCHE” embroidered across the upper back directly from the PCA Webstore.  We will still carry certain items locally as the need arises.  Below are a few samples: [Ladies: Please order one size larger for the heathered-style polo as they tend to run a bit tighter.] (posted 21 Sep)

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