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Announcements & News (Latest Update – 20 Apr)

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – the March minutes have been posted. Click here to review. (updated 16 Apr)

JUNE 15-16, 2019 – AMR’s “No Excuses V” HPDE at Pueblo Motorsports Park is open, go to for details and registration. (posted 7 Apr)

JUNE 14-15, 2019 – The 5th Annual Snowmass Tour and Heritage Fire Event is now open for registration. Go to for additional info and to register. (posted 27 Mar)
MAY 19, 2019 – The Colorado Scenic Byway Tour presents Frontier Pathways to Highway of the Legends. This AMR tour takes you on a scenic ride through Southern Colorado mountains, ranch-lands, and National forest. Along the route you will view the mountain ranges of the Sangre de Cristo’s, Wet Mountains, and Spanish Peaks. We are currently making arrangements for a meeting place at La Veta for those members who cannot join us at Porsche Colorado Springs to start the tour. More details to follow on where and when we can meet up. Registration is open on MReg at (updated 20 Apr)
MAY 4-5, 2019 – RMR’s “Stick & Paddle” DE is now open for registration. See for details and registration. (posted 05 Mar)
MAY 4, 2019 – Please come join us for the first AMR day tour of 2019 to Perry Park with lunch on your own at the La Casa Fiesta in Monument. To see details and register, please click the following link: (posted 11 Apr)
MAY 3-4, 2019 – The InterMountain Region HPDE at Utah Motorsports Campus is now open for registration on (posted 18 Mar)
APRIL 27-28, 2019 – If you have never done an autocross or wish to renew your interest in this event, RMR is hosting both the autocross school and their first autocross at the Front Range Airport where there is plenty of room to setup a long course with a lot of interesting autocross features. Twists, Turns, and Slaloms all await you to improve and challenge your driving skills. See for more info and registration. (posted 18 Mar)

NEXT MEMBERSHIP SOCIAL: The May membership social on Wednesday, May 15th is TBD. (updated 20 Apr)

NEXT BOARD MEETING: The next meeting will be held at Texas T-Bone on North Academy on 30 April starting at 6:00 PM. AMR members are always welcome to join us. Newly implemented this year is the requirement that all items requiring a Board vote need to be submitted to the Board for review no later than the Saturday prior to the Board meeting. (updated 26 Mar)

TECH INSPECTION CHECKLIST: There is a new version of the PCA Tech Inspection Checklist available on this website. You can click here or go to the Information tab and select Documents and Forms. (updated 21 Mar)

UPDATED REFERENCES AVAILABLE is the 2019 PCA Region Procedures Manual under the Information tab. Also available on the PCA website is the 2019 Drivers Education Minimum Standard. It is a good time to review what’s new and updated before the DE season starts. (posted 12 Mar)

A BIG WELCOME to our new/transferred members Mary Cousins-Read of Cascade; and Sergey Barbotko, Austin Buckett, Scott Cronk, Regina Deringer, Kevin Dessart, Robin Dillon, Mike Finkbiner, David Gardner, Edward Givens, Andy Horn, Sergei Kolesnik, Richard Mraz, Brian & Alyssa Priest, Joseph & Rachel Rothman, Nils Venheim, and Joe Winston of Colorado Springs. We look forward to seeing you at our social, tour and/or track events. (updated 05 Mar)

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