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A BIG WELCOME to our new/transferred members Jonathan Clark of Durango; Paul Dunn, Will Luden, and Margaret Tanner of Colorado Springs; John Kalivas & Julie Madsen of Monument; Albert & Karen Northrop of Pagosa Springs; Shane & Lanette Pritchard of Rocky Ford; and Sylvain Ascension of Thanon-Les Bains (France).  We look forward to meeting you at a member social or one of our many events. (updated 04 Dec)

FROM THE EDITOR: below is the list of our 2018 newsletter columns, and descriptions, for which we need personal contributions. We need YOU, our members, to contribute your short essays and anecdotes for all of us to enjoy. We want YOU, the average, friendly, AMR member involved in our AMR Team. Here’s a wonderful and easy opportunity that fits right in to your current lifestyle. Don’t be too concerned about your writing skills- that’s why we have an editor. Just do your best and please submit your material in a timely manner. And most importantly- have fun!
“What’s in it for me?” you ask? In addition to the many compliments you’ll receive from your fellow members, when your full-length article (450 word minimum) is printed in Mountain Passages you’ll also receive a full color business card advert in that same issue. Note: Offer applies only to full-length printed articles, and photos or artwork used for the front cover. Please submit your contributions to Matthew Ardaiz at <>.

“Mechanic’s Special”: We are seeking and encouraging our professional or amateur mechanic / bodywork members to submit short essays on any repairs, upgrades or technical subjects, for any year or model of Porsche, that would benefit our members. 450-600 words (appx 3/4 to 1 page, 1-3 pictures).

“Off the Line”: Our drivers education column, we are requesting our Certified Driving Instructors contribute essays on common driving errors and their solutions, as well as various driving techniques (including seasonal changes to driving habits) to help improve our members’ situational awareness and driving behaviors. 450-600 words (appx 3/4 to 1 page, pictures/graphics encouraged).

“As of Late”: This is our recent events column and is a wrap up of any/all events from the previous month. Anyone can contribute. This article will have a very late deadline each month in order to include as much of the previous month as possible, so meeting the deadline is CRITICAL. 150-600 words (appx 1/4 to1 page, several pictures. Multiple contributors ok for multiple events).

“Around the Bend”: This column is where YOU, the casual, everyday member of AMR, get to share with us your favorite drive, detour, road trip or even a road trip gone bad. What was your destination? Who went on the trip? What were you driving? What route did you take? What did you see along the way? Any stunning scenic views? Any personal history in the area you can share? How long did the drive take? You get the idea. (400-600 words, several pictures).

“Hey!- That’s Nifty!”: Do you have a “thing-a-ma-jig” you must have with you when you drive? How about a favorite gadget and you won’t leave home without it? Well tell us about it! What is it? How do you use it? How did you discover it’s use? (50-100 words, 1-2 pictures).

“High Hopes”: Submit a picture of a derelict Porsche(s). Share with us where you found it, what you were doing when you found it, and make and model if you can identify it. Think of it as our own AMR-style of geo-caching! (50-100 words, 1-2 pictures)

ARTISTS & GRAPHIC ARTISTS: Can you draw or paint something? Are you a graphic artist? Can you draw caricatures, cartoon strips, watercolor, oil paints? We need YOU! Looking for a medium to show off some of your Porsche-related artwork? We can help!

PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER: We need someone with a good eye for composition and a solid basic knowledge of photography and cameras who can submit original photos at their leisure, and who can perform occasional, specifically requested, photo-shoots of members and their Porsches.

You may contact our Editor, Matthew Ardaiz, at, with any questions, comments, or concerns. (posted 26 Oct)

FOR THOSE MEMBERS who are interested in becoming an AMR Driving Instructor, we have updated our application form.  We are always in need of Driving Instructors at HPDE events; please download a copy here and forward to the Lead CDIs. (posted 19 Oct)

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