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RMR Ladies Day is now open for registration on MotorsportReg. (posted 30 May)

A BIG WELCOME to our new/transferred members Beatrice Behrens, Tim Korn, Lance Winter, Justin Schortmann, & Joshua Plies of Colorado Springs, Tom Hartzell of Boulder, Brian Briscoe of Durango, and Rob Pickering of Rocky Ford.  We look forward to meeting you at a member social or one of our many events. (posted 27 May)

If you are not signed up for RMHW and its Aspen Raceway HPDE, then the Pueblo “Double Feature” HPDE on 19-20 August is AMR’s next track event.  This event is for the whole family as we will have parade lap and a movie (separate sign up on MotorsportReg) after the track goes cold on Saturday.  Click on ad below to see details and sign up early! (posted 18 May)

The Pueblo “Endless Summer” HPDE on 30 September-01 October is also available for sign up on MotorsportReg.  For those who are still undecided about HPDEs, the parade laps is a great way to try out the track at lower speed.  Parade laps (and associated activities) are held in conjunction with both the Pueblo Double Feature and Endless Summer HPDEs; check out the Event page for these two events.  Again, we are in need of volunteers to sign up and help at these events, so bring the family so they can participate.  There are added incentives for some events for those drivers and instructors who register early.  Please see individual events for details. (updated 18 May)

Latest Newsletter – June 2017

Latest Newsletter


  • 7/9-7/15 PCA Parade (Phases I & II)
  • 8/19-8/20 AMR “Double Feature” HPDE at PMP
  • 9/30-10/01 AMR “Endless Summer” HPDE at PMP

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