Spring Rally

Save The Date: May 14th

Our start will be at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center Café. Plan to arrive at 9:30AM with the first car out at 10:00. At the visitors center we will go over the route instructions and answer your questions. Maps, clipboards and pencils will be available and coffee will be provided.There will be no novice class….it will be straightforward, easy and fun for everyone. Just follow the route instructions and you will find yourself finishing at a local pub/brewery where everyone can enjoy a casual luncheon. Not only do you have to stay on course, you will be looking for street signs (obviously) and other items along the way. You will be asked to answer some questions regarding what you saw (or didn’t see) on the route. There will be absolutely NONE of the tricks you usually find in the route instructions.For more information and registration, go to Motorsportreg.com. There will be a charge

of $25 per car. Space is limited so sign up early.

Jim Sorensen 488-3373 or [email protected]