Driving Instructor Candidate Requirements

The Alpine Mountain and Rocky Mountain Regions of Porsche Club of America have an established process for selecting and training Driving Instructor candidates.  This process has three elements:

  1. Selection: Instructor candidates are selected for training based on qualifications that include:
  • Has a Colorado or other state’s driver’s license.
  • Minimum three consecutive years of active participation in AMR/RMR driver education events, at least three events per year, or equivalent.
  • Good working knowledge of rules and procedures of AMR/RMR driver education events.
  • Familiarity with Colorado tracks.
  • Strong driving skills and knowledge of principles of vehicle dynamics, safety, and driving technique.
  • Ability and willingness to drive your car safely and well at AMR/RMR driver education events.
  • Ability to communicate accurately and well with a diverse group of students. Instructors must work well with a range or personalities, motivations, abilities, and experience levels.
  • Enthusiasm, patience, leadership and good judgment. It also helps to be willing to learn from students and other instructors.
  • Intention to participate actively in AMR/RMR driver education events.
  • A complete statement of instructor candidate qualifications can be found on the RMR website. rmrporscheclub.com
  • Interested members should complete and submit an instructor application to the Chief Driving Instructors. The application is available for download here.
  1. Instructor Candidate Training: If you are selected to participate based on your application, you will be expected to participate in a full day instructor orientation session and to work with current instructors to develop your in-car instructional skills.
  1. In-Car Testing: The third element of instructor training is in-car role-playing and evaluation.  This process ensures that our driving instructors have the necessary knowledge and skills to safely, skillfully and enthusiastically instruct on the track. The PCA Instructor Training program uses a simple and practical system of “check rides” in which you will instruct a mentor instructor who is playing the role of a beginning or intermediate-level student.

In-car training is normally conducted at RMR’s April DE at High Plains Raceway, AMR’s April DE at Pikes Peak International Raceway, and subsequent DEs if necessary.  Instructor candidates will ride with AMR/RMR mentor Instructors and observe their instructional techniques.  These mentor Instructors will ride with Instructor candidates and help them develop their own instructional skills.  This training will build Instructor candidates’ own instructional skills and confidence.

Please do not hesitate to contact the AMR or RMR Chief Driving Instructors with any questions you may have:

Alpine Mountain Region: Robert Yen, [email protected], tel. 719-964-6179

Rocky Mountain Region: Dan Carlson, [email protected], tel. 303-520-4567