This page is currently under construction and will be updated periodically for additional vacancies and descriptions.

The Volunteers webpage serves as a call for volunteers and is a repository of job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, and requirements for various positions. Please contact Committee Chair or POC for more information (including volunteer positions that are not advertised, we are always looking for additional help); also you can talk to any one of our Board members at an AMR function.


Vacancies Section


Website – Web Developer
Website – Web Content Writer
Technical Chair

Event Chairs

Enduring Support Positions (multiple individuals needed for contingencies and continuity)
HPDE Control
HPDE Starter
HPDE Track Weekend Support
Tour Leader, Group Leader, & Sweeper

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Roles and Responsibilities, Job Description, and Requirements Section


Web Developer:
1. Responsible for the coding, design and layout of the AMR and other associated website(s). As the role takes into consideration user experience and function, a certain level of both graphic design and computer programming is necessary. Work with Webmaster team on maintaining and updating AMR website.
2. Troubleshoot website anomalies.
3. Provide monthly status to AMR Board of Director and Website Chair. Coordinate with Webmaster team and Treasurer on web hosting requirements and payments.
Requirement – No physical requirement. Designing and developing website in WordPress. Have working knowledge and experience with plugins and other associated applications.
Time commitment – As required, typically between 1-4 hours per week.
POC – Alex Ching
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Web Content Writer:
1. Responsible for producing Porsche, PCA, and AMR-relevant written material for the eTrails webpage and periodic e-blast of eTrails to the AMR membership. Provide input on improving communications and information dissemination for the club. Note: All material produced becomes the intellectual property of PCA.
2. Updating the AMR homepage and other webpages to keep the website current.
3. Posting on AMR Facebook page.
4. Assist the Webmaster team on maintaining AMR website.
Requirement – No physical requirement. AMR events attendance. Have good written and communications skills.
Time commitment – Varies for event attendance and writing time.
POC – Alex Ching
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Technical Chair:
1. Responsible for providing technical expertise, training, and assistance for the membership. This may include, but not limited to, organizing technical training/demonstration, tech talks, etc.
2. Work with PCA to insure all technical information and forms are current for dissemination to members and during events. Advises the Board of Directors on the latest changes.
3. Coordinate venues for hosting technical events and proper insurance requests for submission.
4. May form a committee of technical experts to handle questions and issues.
5. Periodically provide technical content for website bulletin.
Requirements – Be technically inclined and knowledgeable on various aspects of the Porsche brand or at the very least, be able to research and obtain the necessary information.
Time Commitment – As required and depends on the number of technical related issues, events, and questions that arises.
POC – Robert Baumgartner
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HPDE Control:
1. Control is the primary focal point for track management, safety of the event, and its participants. Maintains direct contact and coordinates actions with Starter, Corner Workers, CDI, Ambulance, Safety Committee, Gate Control (track dependent), Event Chair, and Track Manager (for towing of cars) at all times during the DE event. Control must be knowledgeable of all positions on the track in order to manage normal and emergency situations.
2. Tracks run groups, vehicles, and driver/instructor status per CDI input for both days of the event. Maintain run group roster and event/spin log daily.
Requirements – Physical movements within Control area to monitor events on the Grid and track. Requires organization, time management, situational awareness, record keeping, and communications skills. Be able to react calmly, swiftly, and decisively in case of an emergency during the event.
Time Commitment – Approximately two or more days of initial training and qualification, minimum two weekend days every two years (need not be consecutive) to maintain qualification.
Committee Chairs – Alex Ching and Bob Foltz
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HPDE Starter:
1. The Starter is primarily responsible for releasing the correct driver/car from the correct run group on the track, and is part of the team responsible for the safety of the track and all DE participants. Works closely with Control and CDI during DE event.
2. Manages the starter grid and hot pit area. Performs visual checks of drivers/instructors and vehicles prior to releasing on the track and maintains awareness and control the flow of all vehicles on and coming off the track.
Requirements – Require long periods of standing outdoors in various weather conditions. May require climbing up and down ladders to/from the starter box. Requires situational awareness and communications skills.
Time Commitment – Approximately two or more days of initial training and qualification, minimum two weekend days every two years (need not be consecutive) to maintain qualification.
Committee Chairs – Alex Ching and Bob Foltz
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HPDE Track Support:
1. Track support for the event weekend is not limited to one person or one functional area. All available members attending the event (PCA member/non-member, driver/non-driver) can help – check with your HPDE Event Chair. One big job is the equipment truck driver as it requires a bit more commitment than other positions. The more volunteers we get each morning of the event will help speed up the check-in and inspection processes and will help us and you start on time. Any delay means we will have to trim the run time for each run group so we can finish on time for all involved (especially the contract workers, unless you are willing to pay their overtime).
2. Assist with tasks such as registration, checking licenses/helmets, assisting participants, Top Tech, picking up drinks and/or ice, set up, clean up, packing up, etc.
Requirements – Physical requirements is task dependent.
Time Commitment – A few hours during an HPDE weekend. May require you to show early to assist with set up and registration.
POC – Alex Ching
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Tour Support:
Tour Leader: Responsible for the overall planning and execution of the driving tour. This includes coordinating the tour start point, end point, rest stops, etc. Additionally, the tour leader is responsible for ensuring an adequate participant safety briefing is conducted in accordance with the Minimum Driving Tour Standards.
Group Leader: For driving tours with multiple groups, the group leader(s) are responsible for leading their respective groups in compliance with all instructions outlined by the tour leader and all Minimum Driving Tour Standards.
Sweeper: Also called the trailing or following car, the sweeper is the car at the tail end of the tour or group. The sweeper’s duties include assisting any tour vehicle that pulled over, advising the tour/group leader if vehicles became separated from the group and advising the tour/group leader about any unsafe driving practices by a tour participant so the tour/group leader(s) can take appropriate action.
Requirements – Understanding and complying with the PCA Minimum Driving Tour Standard. Able to maintain tour group integrity and communicate with other tour leader/sweeper.
Time Commitment – Initial training and duration of the driving tour.
Committee Chair – Raimond Melkers
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