Porsches have capabilities that are far beyond most of our abilities to fully exploit.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a safe, fun environment in which to learn the capabilites of the car?  It doesn’t get much safer than an autocross.  The skills you learn here translate directly to the street, making you a better, safer driver.  A coned course is set up in a parking lot.  Competitors navigate the course as quickly and safely as possible.  Each cone you hit adds two seconds to your time, so precesion driving is the key.  It’s also a great chance to see how others drive.  The nice thing is that you can learn the behavior of your car near its limits, with little risk of damage if you lose control.  Normally, the worst that can happen is hitting some cones.  Cars are separated by significant distance on the course, and other obstructions are typically quite a ways off the course.

Typical cost: Less than $50 for a full day of fun.

Special equipment needed: You’ll need a helmet with an SA (Special Application) or M (Motorcycle) Snell rating 2010 or 2015.  Otherwise, your car must be in good operating condition (it will be inspected at the event).  Look at the Challenge Series Rules to determine what class your car belongs in.  You will need this information for registration.

When you arrive: You’ll have to empty your car of all loose items, for safety.  It’s always an excellent idea to arrive early and walk the course at lease once.  This gives you an idea of what to expect (although things will come at you much faster in the car!).

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