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How to reset Porsche Connect iPhone App after buying a new iPhone

You bought a new iPhone and now your Porsche Connect App does not work anymore.

  1. On your computer or iPhone go to the web site in the Porsche Connect App
  2. Use the same email address you used to register the first time and ask for a password reset
  3. Reset the password – An email will be sent for the password change,
  4. Login with your email and new password.
  5. Press the Change Phone Red Button and reregister the phone (it will still use the same phone number) – a text message will be sent to your phone and an email confirming the registration of the new phone.
  6. Generate a new activation code for the Porsche Connect App, another text message will be sent to your phone with the activation code at the end.
  7. On Your iPhone copy the entire text message into a new note in the Notes App and then you will be able to select with copy and paste only the activation code.
  8. Paste the code in the Porsche Connect App.


  • You will still need to add the iPhone to the Car Computer using bluetooth, be patient when you do, answer the prompts when asked, do not anticipate them or it will not work.
  • If you use the iPhone for the Internet in the car you will need to activate personal hotspot in your iPhone, change the password and then connect to the iPhone as a Wireless Network.

If you are not able to connect to the Wireless Network with the name of your iPhone and you have a new generation iPhone switch on Maximize Compatibility setting in the Personal HotSpot settings menu.


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