Treffen at the Broadmoor

PCA has officially cancelled Treffen at the Broadmoor for 2020 in accordance with national and local guidance and in conjunction with the closure of the Broadmoor hotel. We are disappointed but the health and safety of everyone involved is paramount. PCA and AMR want to thank all those who have enthusiastically volunteered to support this event. Treffen will return to Colorado Springs in the future.

Reference Documents
Treffen Volunteer Schedule_version 4 (updated 02/25/20)
Treffen Staging Timeline and Tasks_version 3 (posted 2/25/20)
World Arena Staging Map (posted 1/19/20)
Broadmoor Schedule of Events (posted 1/22/20)
Treffen Prep Plan_version 4 (updated 12/16/19)
Treffen Driving Team Considerations (posted 12/16/19)
Treffen Tour Planning Checklist
Treffen Regions’ Tasks Document 21SEP2018

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