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(documents with older dates are current until revisions become available)

2016 AMR Event Chair Training Deck

Event Chair Cover 000 Cover 2013

Table of Contents 001 Table of Contents 2013

Radio & Headset Distribution 60X_Radio_and_Headset_Distribution_2013

People Resources  301_People_Resources_2013_c

General Guidelines 401 General Guidelines 2013

Event Timeline 501 Event Timeline and Checklist 2013

Registration Needs  502 Registration Needs 2013

RMR HPR Event Budget Planner  601A Event_Budget_Planner_2013_HPR DE

AMR Event Budget Planner 601B Event Budget Planner_2013_AutoX-Tour-AMR DE

Driver Meeting Agenda 603 Sample Drivers meeting agenda 2013

New Driver Information Sheet 604 New Driver Information Sheet 2013

Flags Explained 605 Flags Explained 2013 Rev01

Drivers Packet 606 Typical Driver’s Track Packet

La Junta Raceway Map 607 La Junta Raceway 2013

Pueblo Raceway Map 608 Pueblo Motorsports Park 2013

High Plains Raceway Map 609A High Plains Raceway 2013

RMR High Plains Passing Zones 609B RMR-PCA_Passing_Zones-HPR_Map

High Plains Contract 610 – HPR Contracts 2013

PCA Event Insurance Enrollment 701 PCA Event Insurance Enrollment

PCA Release & Waiver of Liability 702 Release_and_waiver_of_Liability-PCA

PCA Minor/Parent Waiver (Observers Only) 703 Minor_and_Parent_Form-Waiver-ObserversOnly-PCA

PCA Minor / Parent Form 704 Minor_and_Parent_Form-Waiver-PCA2009

Parental Waiver / Touring Laps 705 ParentalWaiverTouringLaps

PCA/JPP Minor Form  706 PCA_JPP_MinorForm

FAQ JPP 707 FAQ_JuniorParticipationProgram

FAQ PCA Insurance & Risk Mgmt  708 PCA_Insurance and Risk Management FAQ

AMR Expense Report AMR Expense Report Form 2018

PCA Drivers Ed Min Standards 801_PCA 2012 Driver Education min std 2012

PCA Event Requirements 802_PCA_Event_Requirements_2011

PCA Autocross Guidelines 803_PCA_Autocross_Guidelines_2011

PCA Rally Guidelines 804_PCA_Rally_Guidelines_2011

PCA Minimum Driving Tour Standards PCA Driving Tour Standards

PCA Post Event Report 901_PCA_PostEventReport

Observers & Incident Report Guidelines 902_ObserversAndIncidentReport_Guidelines2012

Drivers Ed Observers Report 903_ObserversReport-DE-2012

Tech Session Observers Report 904_ObserversReport-TechSession-2012

Autocross Observers Report 904_ObserversReport-Autocross-2012

Rally Observers Report 905_ObserversReport-Rally-2012

Tour Observers Report 906_ObserversReport-Tour-2012

PCA Incident Report 907_PCA_IncidentReport2012

PCA Non Driving Incident Report 908_PCA_IncidentReport-NonDrivingEvents2010

PCA – Region Procedures Manual (RPM)-2018 Edition 999_PCA_2018 Region Procedures Manuel

RMR Radio Manual RMR_radio_manual_MSW

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