Concours/Car Shows

What is a Concours or car show?  An opportunity to clean your car, and show it off!  Typically, you can choose to either just show your car, or have it judged.  The judging can be quite serious (expect the white glove treatment, even in the engine compartment!).  Half the fun is seeing the other cars being showed – it’s always a real treat.

Typical cost: Normally around $30 per car.

Special equipment needed: Q-tips (if you’re having your car judged).  Otherwise, nothing special needed.  Always good idea to bring chairs, shade and good walking shoes.

When you arrive: Park your car in the designated area, do final cleaning – if you want, then enjoy the sights.

More information: Excellent PCA event tutorials as well as the Parade Competion Rules can also be found at

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