2022 Fall Mystery Tour

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On October 29, AMR combined a Mystery Tour with a Charity Poker Run. After enjoying delicious homemade breakfast burritos, the group of 10 cars left Porsche of Colorado Springs in two different directions, one traveling West through Woodland Park and the other South, through Canon City. Each driving team drew a total of five cards at various stops along their route. The two groups met together for lunch at the mystery destination, the Freshwater Bar & Grill, in Guffey, CO, where we compared hands and some drew extra cards to improve their chances of winning. The afternoon gave everyone a second opportunity to draw a winning hand, as the two groups returned to Colorado Springs, making a loop using the alternate route.

The adventure included stops in Divide, Canon City, and the excellent Gold Camp Bakery bakery in Victor. For many of the people on the tour, this was their first time driving on Skyline Drive, where we all stopped to learn about its history and take more pictures. Perfect weather added to everyone’s enjoyment. At the end of the tour, the proceeds were divided between the winning teams and Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. The two “biggest losers” also won “mystery” prizes!

    • 1st Place: Keith and Robin Jarvis ….  $100.
    • 2nd Place: Bdale and Karen Garbee … $80.
    • 3rd Place:  Geof and Amy Suits ……….. $60.

Many thanks to Raimond and Gudrun Melkers for planning the tour, and thank you to all the participants for supporting our charity, especially Keith and Robin Jarvis, who generously donated their prize money to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity!

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