Board Meeting Minutes

The Board meeting minutes (aka Exhaust Notes) has permanently moved from the Mountain Passage newsletter to the website. Once the AMR Board has approved the monthly meeting minutes, we will post the contents on this webpage. This webpage will provide six months worth of meeting minutes, after that, the contents will be archived to a Word document and will be available for download by members.  Minutes are submitted by AMR Secretary Tim Drummer.

MAY MINUTES – 5.29.2018
Location: Texas T-Bone
Start Time: 6:31 pm
Attendees: Denise Jordan, Mark Stolberg, Jim Sorensen, Nate Adams, Matt Ardaiz, Jacki Mogensen, Jack Ferguson, Alex Ching, Barb Treacy, Tim Drummer.

Review of Action Items – Reviewed previous AI’s, AI #1 was closed with the required data being presented, AI #2 was closed with the Charities discussion, AI #3 remains open, and AI #4 was closed with the determination that the By-Laws allow minutes to only be posted online.

Denise Jordan stated that AMR events are in full swing and that weather has proven to be a challenge. She recently attended an RMR event and learned that RMR has a new president, James (Jim) Thorburn. Denise has reached out to him meet and discuss future event collaborations.

Treasurer’s Report: No report.
Newsletter: Matt showed the advance copy of next month’s newsletter. Calendar is starting to shrink as summer progresses. Matt was able to reduce the needed Adobe subscription which reduces the software costs by nearly 50%. Matt continues to look for additional support. The Board discussed raising advertising rates and that transitioning to all-digital will lower overhead costs.
Advertising and Sponsorship: Denise noted that there is some concern that a couple ads were blurry. This is being addressed with the advertisers.
Membership: Primary 426, Affiliate 262. 6 new members this month.
Website: Alex Ching discussed particulars on how to put the minutes on the website. He recommended a single page with 6 months of newsletters and then move older ones to a separate area that is a running history.
CDI Program: Mark Stolberg presented initial thoughts on a HPDE Education Program. AMR has very good track access compared to other regions and as a result can get prospective instructors trained very quickly. HPDE attendance has been declining. Presented possible event modifications for remainder of 2018 and then for 2019. Biggest issue is that we have lost our BLUE run group participants. Based on discussions, RMR has similar challenges. Reviewed the initial thoughts on the 2019 approach, Mark will develop specific budget numbers for the Board to review and vote. Discussed idea of a volunteer coordination role and expanding the role of Members-at-Large.
Membership Socials: The June social will be at El Padrino’s and is limited to 40 people. It will be a week earlier than normal to deconflict with the Pike Peak Hill Climb.
Charities: TESSA will be the charity for June and July. Vito Pagano will also give a presentation on the Courage Classic cycling fundraiser for Children’s Hospital. On the Saturday (6/2) Tour, Habitat for Humanity will be the charity.
PCS: No Updates.
Tours: Nate Adams discussed that the tours are going well. This Saturday will be the third tour of the year. Tours are averaging 15-18 attendees. Denise provided feedback that members have requested day tours on Sunday as well.

Future Events:
Castles, Trains and Porsches Tour – Closed last Saturday, 18 cars and 32 people. 12 people will do the train dinner.
Heritage Fire Tour – Open with 10 cars signed up.
La Junta HPDE – There are 7 cars for Saturday, 6 cars for Sunday. Everything pretty much done.
Not the Parade Tour – Route planned, lunch will be at Hickory House in Parker. Ad will go out this week and registration will be set up.
Full Steam Ahead Train Tour – Bob Foltz will lead, 12 people (6 cars) which include Tour Lead and Co-Lead.
Past Event Wrap Up:
Pueblo HPDE – Mark Stolberg stated that there were 53 cars on Saturday, 36 cars on Sunday. No incidents. Successful, revenue positive, and a great time for all.
Breckenridge Tour – Nate Adams reported that it went well and weather cooperated. There were 16 cars, 31 people.

Barb Treacy inquired about the website “Goodie Store” and Alex indicated he was still facilitating logistics.

Refund Policy – Denise noted that April events can be weather challenged and that for HPDE’s the costs go up dramatically from April to May. Denise felt we’re not enforcing our refund policy and that with all the preparation that goes into an event, the club needs to hold registrants to the policy. It was also noted that the focus of the HPDE is training, so challenging weather is an opportunity to train.
Opt Out for Mountain Passages – The Board discussed the Opt Out strategy for the newsletter. There will be an e-Blast in June at same time newsletter is published announcing that the future will be all digital. Jim will be the POC for collecting those who still want printed version. Will implement the Opt Out in September.

1. There were no motions.

1. Denise to develop a new advertising package and present to the Board for approval.
2. Mark to contact Rich Sanders and coordinate the AMR calendar with Zone 9 calendar.
3. Denise – Email Executive Committee Board and ask them for their their mailing addresses for the printed Newsletter.
4. Alex – get in touch with PCA National and Board Members to determine online items for sale.

Finish Time 8:38 pm

APRIL MINUTES – 4.24.2018
Location: Old Chicago
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Attendee: Denise Jordan, Joel Godfredson, Dana Kasten, Jim Sorensen, Dwight Kasten, Nate Adams, Matt Ardaiz, Jacki Morgensen, Jack Ferguson, Alex Ching, Bob and Linda Foltz.

Review of Action Items – None

The Calendar is started with both the first HPDE and Tour completed. Both events saw an impact due to weather which we will need to consider for these April events. We continue to get praise on the Newsletter. There has been a lot of interest in tours with a lot of people stepping up to help.

Treasurer’s Report: Funds YTD continue to be down. Income was seen on the Instructor Refresh HPDE, PPIR HPDE and Autocross, Advertising, Interest Income and a PCA 2017 Special Rebate. Expenses included Admin costs, correct sized trailer ball, HPDE and AX expenses, Heritage Fire room deposit and the newsletter. Additional details on costs and the impact of Instructor discounts to the PPIR event can be seen in the wrap up section.
Newsletter: Positive feedback continues to roll in and there is a backlog of articles due to the high number of events this time of year. Some articles will be used when the newsletter slows down in the Fall. Matt will use his judgement on any size restrictions but new events will continue to take precedence. The cost to expand the newsletter is 24 pages/$2600, 28 pages/$2950 and 32 pages $3300 based on 500 copies. Expansion of the newsletter will not be considered right now due to the cost exceeding the advertising income. Discussed opportunities to Opt In or Opt Out of printing and publishing an electronic versions for those who chose that option. Noted that Voting committee for the Newsletter aware should all be sent a printed version of the newsletter.
Advertising and Sponsorship: 2 New advertisers have been secure with additional coming.
Membership: Primary 428, Affiliate 263 for a total of 591. 5 new members this month.
Website: Alex is working to archive old newsletter (2016 and older) due to the size that these editions take up. If you need an older version, please contact Alex. Alex also plans to slim down the Mtn Market on the website with the new purchasing program directly from PCA.
CDI Program: Mark unavailable (travelling)
Membership Socials: The last social at the Motif Jazz Café was great. They offered a good menu and the atmosphere allowed everyone to mingle so this was a great venue. Next month will be at Bourbon Brothers.
Charities: Next month is the Driving Skills Institute.
PCS Liaison: No Updates.
Tours: Discussed opportunity to collect voluntary donations at tours and split between Charity and trip costs such as Printing at event.

Future Events:
AMR Pueblo HPDE – Looking for volunteers to learn Control, start and help with Chairing. Email blast has been sent out with needs.
Breckenridge Tour – Mike Moore will lead, update to lunch location and will confirm. Tour is Open with an eblast and Facebook posting coming tomorrow.
Castles, Trains and Porsches Tour – Open and will begin at 1st & Main after the car show.
Heritage Fire Tour – Open with over half the rooms committed.
LaJunta HPDE – Jackie Morgensen – Budget was reviewed and recommendation to remove Co-Chair option to be consistent with other HPDEs. Jackie is looking at including the Buffet dinner in registration.
Train Tour – Bob Foltz presented some options he is pursuing for this trip. The Hot Springs Lodging was recommended and he will be putting together costs after a pre-run of the trip next week. Additional information will be pulled from previous trips for contacts.
Past Event Wrap Up:
PPIR HPDE and AX – Event overall lost money. The AX did not have enough attendees to cover the track rental. The HPDE saw lower participation and with higher Instructor discounts did not break even.
Ring the Peak Tour – Tour was moved back one day due to weather. Still had 16 cars and 32 people. Good participation considering the late notice in moving the tour. Insurance was also able to be updated quickly.

1. Motion made and passed to approve the Treasurer’s report. Yea votes from Denise Jordan, Joel Godfredson, Dana Kasten, Jim Sorensen and Alex Ching.
2. Motion made and passed to approve the LaJunta HPDE Budget. Yea votes from Denise Jordan, Joel Godfredson, Dana Kasten, Jim Sorensen and Alex Ching.

1. Denise/Matt/Dana – Look at Opt In and Opt Out Printing Options in addition to possible June Rate update. Matt to research cost to print 100/200/350 copies.
2. Nate to work with Barb on possible donations to be collected at tours (splitting money between current charity and tour costs).
3. Matt/Denise/Jim – Ensure that Executive Committee Board is on mailing list for the printed Newsletter.
4. Denise – Determine if the full minutes have to be posted in the Newsletter or possible link to the website to free up space in newsletter.

Finish Time 8:31 pm